Planning A Marriage Ceremony On A Budget

From the day he pops the question, you will excitedly start planning out what your wedding day is going to be like. In fact, many young girls start planning out their wedding days well before that day because being a bride is someone of a fairytale for many young women and they envision this day with a lot of love from the time they are young women. However, although young women plan out their wedding day, this does not necessarily have anything to do with getting married to a man per se but it is more about being able to wear the pretty dress and be a princess for a day however, when you do get down to the actual planning of your wedding, you are going to be in for a bit of a shock because the prices of everything that you will want for your wedding will be extremely high.

Thinking outside of the box

Although you will have a detailed idea about what you want your wedding to be like, the chances are that you will not be able to afford all of that and therefore, you will need to change your plans slightly. This does not mean that you will not be able to have an amazing wedding day but if you are on a bit of a budget, you will need to change your plans slightly. You could go online and look up some inexpensive do it yourself unique wedding reception decoration ideas that you can use for your wedding. You will find hundreds of ideas that include fresh flowers and handmade decorations that look incredibly beautiful that will cost you close to nothing.

For your head table, you could use a regular white lace table cloth which will look stunning instead of buying one specifically wedding related. Simply buying some lace will cost you a very small amount of money. If you know of someone that has flowers in their garden, you could ask them to bring some flowers for you that you can use in your decorations. One of the flowers that grow well and looks absolutely amazing is the frangipani flower if you can find it which will give your wedding a Hawaiian or a tropical look. If you are able to find these flowers, you could consider having a tropical themed wedding which will also let you buy a slightly less fancy dress such as a white beach dress to suit the theme and thereby save some money in the process as well.