World Is Hugely In Need Of Humanity And Related Qualities


Saints and other geniuses in the world who have got an intellectual enlightenment are afraid of living in the world we have created. People die every day at huge rates in name of war. Two countries that are backbone less and are selfish will have a war on a smaller country and kill thousands of innocent citizens of that country. People are not given love and care. There is no place for adjustment. People need to understand that everyone is human beings; everyone has needs, but they should strive to be self satisfied. There are thousands of wars which were waged in the past as history and currently there are huge wars being waged but people are not concerned till it is their head which is next in line.

People are dying in huge in Syria and similar places, whereas people are worried about carpet flooring at home which is just a comfort. It is giving them more insulation whereas at the same time, people are dying because of cold. American and several other countries are wasting food, where the other half of the word like Kenya, Somali and now Syria are dying of deficit of food to consume. India and Sri Lanka are few countries in which half population is living a high life and are wasting food, at the other hand; people are dying of hunger in the same country.

Everyone in the world knows how the LTTE people were waging war in the country, but how many of the national leaders spoke ad heard the story of the downtrodden. There is something called the basis of jealous. Why is that people are treated differently? The LTTE were fighting because they were threatened, they were not given rights. There are several cases against the Sri Lankan army in the World Human Rights Commission. But, are there any action taken? No!! Females who had no idea what sex is were raped. Humans were trafficked. When people ran to India for help and support what were they done? What happened to humanity?

Forget the refugees of war concept, are we as individual human beings concerned about the people whom we see in a daily basis. We are all fake and are just acting according to the social norms and social roles. People are so into the materialistic things and power that they had forgot that there is something called “Love, forgiveness and caring”. Cruelty is not just in the war, it is everywhere. People, who are in power, are exploiting the people who are approaching them for help. Everyone is busy looking for what will I get in return? They are forgetting the fact that this world is one whole united unit and it is accommodating all races, all inequalities in the same level showing no difference.